At Graceland, we are a group of individuals who truly believe in the value of Greek agricultural products, especially olive oil and olive products, mainly due to our personal experience in the cultivation of olives since childhood.

Driven by our love for mother earth and its treasures, we are proud to have come a long way -for more than three generations- and to have been involved in a continuous emotional relationship, full of interaction and harmony, with our trees, the soil, the water, the sun and their natural environment. With ultimate respect to the uniqueness of the local ecosystems and the special microclimate, we stick to the principles of natural cultivation without pesticides, as our products have been always produced for our families.

Our wish to share our passion, love and dedication, as well as the supreme health protective and nutritional value and superiority of products that grow from the blessed Greek land, motivated us to establish Graceland. This way we can produce and bottle our own oil and provide it at the most affordable prices possible, at every corner of the world.




16 Apostolopoulou str., 22131 Tripoli
+30 27150 05035
+30 211 8003850

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16 Apostolopoulou str., 22131 Tripoli



HYPERELAION is our early-harvest extra virgin olive oil (agourelaio), product of cold extraction, originating from carefully selected olive groves in the regions of Corinth, Troizinia, Arcadia in Peloponnese, Greece. It is a product of gentle, natural cultivation without pesticides. The olives are grown with the use of organic chemical fertilizers, active microorganisms, green manure and with the methods of crop rotation and creation of balanced ecosystems with rich biodiversity, so as to ensure the necessary soil coverage.

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