It all began in a rocky mountainous area, green with centuries old trees. Throughout our journey we never forgot the advice of our grandfathers “ to respect the trees, look after them and they will richly reward you with their fruits”. The best quality,organic,high phenolic, olive oil with all the health benefits of olive oil is our best reward.
Our mountain olive groves are located next to the ancient city of Elyros, in the rocky area, Selino, in the prefecture of Chania , Crete, at an altitude of 500 to 700 meters in a rough and rugged terrain , very hard to reach at places with no road access to the majority of the olive groves. Challenging, Painstaking, Traditional, Innovating. These are the four words that describe best the full procedure of creating the best quality olive oil.
Cultivation and harvesting are extremely challenging due to the morphology of the ground and the size of the trees. No use of chemical fertilizers or sprays is done so that our olive juice will be as healthy as our ancestors produced it, before 200 years. Following the traditional ways of generations and respecting what this mountain nature gave us generously, we treat each tree individually according to its needs. At an average height of about 11 meters with some over 18 meters and an average age of around 200 years , each tree has a different “personality” and so we treat each as unique. The main variety is tsounati. This rare olive tree has been around since Minoan times and indeed some of the trees in the area are landmarks due to their size and age. Most of these trees grow naturally around the rocks and flourish over the years as the altitude and climate makes ideal growing conditions.
The second variety we cultivate is Koroneiki. Its a much more recent variety, having been introduced over the last century but having shown a surprising resilience growing alongside the tsounati variety. Every year we program more than 30 experiments so that we will produce the highest phenolic , organic , mountain extra virgin olive oil from this rare variety.



Strakka Estate

Agriles, Chania, Crete
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Agriles, Chania, Crete


Pamako blend

60% Tsounati variety & 40% Koroneiki Variety, available in 500ml & 250ml. Fresh & strong fruity aroma with mildly spicy elements and mildly bitter taste.

Pamako monovarietal

100% Tsounati variety, available in 500ml and 250ml Fresh & fruity aroma with strong spicy elements and soft bitter taste.

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