Awarded EVOOs


Ave Costa olive oil is the product of single variety “Koroneiki” olive trees that we have carefully cultivated over the course of decades. It’s a polyphenol-rich extra virgin olive oil made from the highest quality unripe olives in accordance with the strictest standards of organic farming.

Awarded EVOOs

Lučka Olive

We use high technology, which with a cooling system at the entrance to the plant guarantees that the fruits will be processed at a stable temperature between 19 and 21C during all stages of processing. The entire processing takes place under a controlled atmosphere without oxygen. This place is conceived as an educational point for all our visitors, a place where our guests can really get to know the essence of Malaysia and taste the precious liquid shower gold from Tuzi.

Awarded EVOOs

Iero Symvolo

Extra virgin olive oil is a high-quality olive oil that is made from pure, cold-pressed olives. It is considered to be the highest grade of olive oil, with superior taste and health benefits compared to other types of olive oil. "Iero Symvolo" is a brand of extra virgin olive oil produced by Elianthos, a Greek company located in Crete. Elianthos produces their olive oil using traditional methods, without the use of chemicals or additives, to ensure the highest quality and purity. "Iero Symvolo" is made from Koroneiki olives, which are known for their rich flavor and high antioxidant content. It has a rich, fruity taste and a deep green color, making it an excellent choice for salads, marinades, and other culinary applications.

We combined our passion and knowledge with the 100 year family tradition, to produce premium extra virgin oil OLYMPAIA in our olive groves in Ancient Olympia. We use cold pressing process on koroneiki and kolireiki varieties, to offer you a rich, fruity olive oil with bright color and exquisite aroma.

Our groves in the land of Ancient Messini in the Peloponese give birth to an unparalleled olive oil. The perfect climate conditions of the area, together with the special characteristics of the land’s soil combined with the traditional methods of cultivation and harvesting, yield this special Protected Designation of Origin Extra Virgin Olive Oil, called [...]

HOLISTON is an Unlfiltered limited production Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is rich in polyphenols, offering the high nutritional value that can be found in abundance in the Greek soil and climate. But Holiston is so much more than your typical Greek olive oil; it’s a functional food, offering not one, but 5 Verified Health [...]

Nothing embodies the rich history and singular taste of our olive oil more than our MONOGRAM Organic Blend from two exceptional indigenous Greek cultivars: our Athinolia olives from Monemvasia and our Koroneiki olives from Kalamata, Peloponnese. Together they complement each other perfectly, enhancing the best qualities of each. Selected organic olives are pressed within a short time from harvesting to produce olive oil with exceptional organoleptic characteristics. Our Monogram's Blend is gifted with a brilliant vivid golden-green color and a velvet texture. This unique Organic Blend “blossoms” a sharp robust fruity flavor. On the nose, the smell opens with strong fresh almond and green leaf aromas. In the mouth, bitter and spicy sensations coexist in perfect harmony, offering a rich mouth feel. Launched as a stunning 500ml glass bottle beautifully packaged in a bespoke eco-friendly light-blocking royal-blue box (in order to be protected from UV light) with a new metal pouring design for a perfectly controlled flow.

Pathos is an award-winning, single-varietal, premium extra virgin olive oil from Crete, with high polyphenols and health claim , rich in aromas and with very low acidity. It is a cold-extracted green olive oil produced with 100% natural processes exclusively from koroneiki variety olives.

In highly limited availability, we offer you the rarest of olive oils from the hills of the Kalavasos region, home to the ancient people of Cyprus, the Island of Aphrodite, who have been cultivating this unique olive oil for the past 5,000 years…

High phenolic, extra virgin olive oil of early harvest.  Superior category, Koroneiki monovarietal Silver Award, Olympia Health & Nutrition Awards 2021 - 2022

Smertolia of Sparta A rare variety, ancient as History, authentic as the place that gave birth to it: a true Spartan. Same as the people of Lakonia, it is resilient and... frugal, very resistant to both cold and drought. Acclimated to the conditions and the microclimate of the area, for centuries now, it has been bearing small, precious, healthy fruit, with a strong flavour that stands out. Our century-old olive grove in Krokees, with soil conditions unique in the world, consists of olive trees of this very variety of such strong personality, rooted in “Krokean stone,” a special stone, tough and hard to tame. You will find it no place else. “Smertolia” produces extra virgin olive oil of top nutritional value confirmed by its high content in polyphenols. It yields high-quality juice, but not in large quantity. Entirely fitting to our philosophy and to the way in which we have been producing, distinctive extra virgin olive oils that are worthy of your trust. OLYMPIA HEALTH & NUTRITION AWARDS BRONZE 2021 - 2022, TERRA OLIVO IOOC: PRESTIGE GOLD, BEST PACKAGING IN GREECE

Koroneiki, the famous Greek The most typical Greek variety around the world; a favourite among farmers who work closely with it and amateurs for its taste. Who single it out for its nutritional properties and generous taste, bringing out the best in every recipe, in every dish. And honour it with their trust and their preference. This is why you’ll see Koroneiki cultivations in other countries around the world, who were not blessed with varieties of their own. But there is yet another aspect of this olive tree that makes it worthy of admiration. It is versatile and adapts in a different, but always outstanding way, depending on the soil that welcomes it. A keen observer will see many extra virgin olive oils of the Koroneiki variety coming from several areas of Greece. All so different between them, all protected under Protection of Origin schemes (PDO or PGI). The extra virgin olive oil of Krokees is a typical example.