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Strakka Estate

The Strakka Estate was founded during the period of Venetian rule in Cyprus, some five hundred years ago, and appears on Abraham Ortelius’s map of 1573. The Estate has had a continuous history of olive oil production since.

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Laconian Legacy

Laconia, Greece. Home land of the Spartans. Where everything was simple and concise. It remains so, even today. From our Laconic phrases to our fresh olive juice. Common people fighting every day in in the groves. Building a future for their loved ones. People in touch with their legacy. Who know exactly who they are and where they are heading. Rough, like the Spartan soil. Raw models for my children. A motto says that in order to plan your future you need to study your past.

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For 30 years people working for Divinus company have been taking care of olive trees aged hundreds of years, which were passed on to them by their ancestors. The very same people plant new olive trees in areas of Crete and the Peloponnese and trade their product, the highly pure Health claim olive oil.

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Eliama Daily Value

We are a family company who produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil 6th generation and we are located at the center of Crete island in Agia Varvara. Our olive oil trees are located at the central mountain of Crete island in virgin environment on 600 m altitude.

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We are an exporting Greek family company engaged in the production, and trade of Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from selected hand-picked olive groves in the region of Laconia, with only cold pressed and no chemical means used to extract their finest juices.

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“Metamorphosis” extra virgin olive oil reflects a history of many centuries. This extra virgin olive oil with the authentic and rich taste is made from the finest olives, each handpicked from the olive groves that embody the spirit of the historic monastery of Metamorphosis in the Molaoi area of Laconia in the Peloponnese.

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“Aristeon “ is a family run business dating back three generations. On 2008 it has developed into a modern 2-phase biological unit of olive oil production. The production of the olive oil is part of the life for the citizens of Zakynthos and on the island are planted close to 2 millions of olive trees.

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Olive from the Raw

Olive from the Raw is a young, promising company founded on producing High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and at that same time offering Full Transparency. People want healthy olive oil, along with knowing its origin, and how it was produced.

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SPARTA Original Greek

World Leaders in Wild Olive Oil Polyphenols (2.503mg/kg)

SPARTA Original Greek is a family company, owners of 100 acres (400 stremmas) in semi-altitude with Wild Olive trees – a rare species - unharmed by diseases, without any use of fertilizers/pesticides, certified as Naturally Organic, in the heart of the ancient kingdom of Sparta.

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Physis of Crete


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Appreciation for man and nature has always been the basis of all economic activity for the Bläuel family. Fritz and Burgi Bläuel came to the Mani in the late 1970s in search of an alternative way of life. They soon started building up a pioneer organic agriculture project together with the local olive farmers and oil-millers.

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we descend slightly to the small village of Agalas, located at the foot of a small hill crowned by two windmills. It is a good, flat road that brings over rich ground, in which unique olive trees thrive.” – Ludwig Salvatore, Archduke of Austria, 1904