Fyllikon First Harvest – Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fyllikon First Harvest is a cold extracted organic extra virgin olive, made from olives in a very unripe stage, with intense and very tasty characteristics of high quality.

It has intense fruity aromas of freshly picked green unripe olives with ideal indicators of bitterness and spiciness, combined with a high content of polyphenols that classify it as an organic olive oil with health claim.

Fyllikon is a premium monovarietal single estate organic olive oil, of limited quantity, by the Sakellaropoulos organic farms terroir, from Koroneiki variety olives.

Its production methodology starts exclusively from our organic olive groves, which is why it is characterized by the international term single estate organic olive oil. There is absolute management of the very small and completely unripe olives during the handmade collection, with parallel quality sorting before they reach the olive mill, which is done in a few hours from the harvest of the olives.