Koroneiki, the famous Greek
The most typical Greek variety around the world; a favourite among farmers who work closely with it and amateurs for its taste. Who single it out for its nutritional properties and generous taste, bringing out the best in every recipe, in every dish. And honour it with their trust and their preference.
This is why you’ll see Koroneiki cultivations in other countries around the world, who were not blessed with varieties of their own.
But there is yet another aspect of this olive tree that makes it worthy of admiration. It is versatile and adapts in a different, but always outstanding way, depending on the soil that welcomes it.
A keen observer will see many extra virgin olive oils of the Koroneiki variety coming from several areas of Greece.
All so different between them, all protected under Protection of Origin schemes (PDO or PGI).
The extra virgin olive oil of Krokees is a typical example.