MONOGRAM Organic Blend (cv. Koroneiki & cv. Athinolia)

Nothing embodies the rich history and singular taste of our olive oil more than our MONOGRAM Organic Blend from two exceptional indigenous Greek cultivars: our Athinolia olives from Monemvasia and our Koroneiki olives from Kalamata, Peloponnese. Together they complement each other perfectly, enhancing the best qualities of each.
Selected organic olives are pressed within a short time from harvesting to produce olive oil with exceptional organoleptic characteristics.
Our Monogram’s Blend is gifted with a brilliant vivid golden-green color and a velvet texture. This unique Organic Blend “blossoms” a sharp robust fruity flavor. On the nose, the smell opens with strong fresh almond and green leaf aromas. In the mouth, bitter and spicy sensations coexist in perfect harmony, offering a rich mouth feel.
Launched as a stunning 500ml glass bottle beautifully packaged in a bespoke eco-friendly light-blocking royal-blue box (in order to be protected from UV light) with a new metal pouring design for a perfectly controlled flow.