Laconian Legacy

Laconia, Greece. Home land of the Spartans. Where everything was simple and concise. It remains so, even today. From our Laconic phrases to our fresh olive juice. Common people fighting every day in in the groves. Building a future for their loved ones. People in touch with their legacy. Who know exactly who they are and where they are heading. Rough, like the Spartan soil. Raw models for my children. A motto says that in order to plan your future you need to study your past.

My name is Metaxia, following a career for many years in multinationals, I felt the inner need to create something from my roots designed for the needs of the new consumer around the world. Family olive groves are located in Vatika territory, a true heaven for the cultivation of the olive trees. Its microclimate, its balanced combination of sea breeze and mountain freshness, proudly producing the renowned Laconian extra virgin olive oil!

Laconian Legacy Extra virgin olive oil has unique characteristics. Rich in polyphenols -at Gold standards -consistently above 1000mg/kg, so special that it is protected by the EU, as PGI, Protected Geographical Indication, rare variety “Athinolia” grows only in Laconia, century-old olive trees, early harvest, family production to make sure we take only the best juice. Optimum handling in harvesting, milling and conservation to reach high standards of phenolic content.


Laconian Legacy

  Proussis Neapoli Laconia P.O. 23053
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Laconian Legacy

Proussis Neapoli Laconia


Laconian Legacy
High Phenolic Extra virgin Olive Oil

100% Athinolia, monovariety. Fresh and fruity aromas with strong peppery character.
Available in 500ml dark glass bottle.