3.500 years tradition from the Greek land! Olive oil. The liquid gold. The precious natural juice. Clear, pure, rich taste from just one drop… we re-Discover Mycenaean olive oil. Nature’s secrets in a bottle. Unleashing the power of well kept treasures from the Greek tradition can be a feast for our senses.
Keeping the tradition alive through generations.Our olive oil is the outcome of many decades of experience and it is produced with respect to the consumer and the environment. Its original taste, from koroneiki variety, is essential in everyday nutritional needs as its uncompromising quality matches the demands of healthy cooking and gastronomic creations at once. Everyday use of extra virgin olive oil becomes a certified shield for human body.



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E-LA-WON Luxury

Homer’s “liquid gold” with flakes of edible gold. Combines premium quality olive oil with edible gold flakes both with high antioxidant and anti-aging value. Rich in oleocanthal, which protects the cardiovascular system. Extra virgin olive oil with edible gold flakes aims at fulfilling the desire of our customers to offer luxury innovative products.

E-LA-WON Premium

An extra virgin olive oil in exquisite packaging. Nitrogen is induced in the head space of the bottles, so that the freshness of the olive juice is preserved along with the organoleptic and chemical characteristics. Produced by a family olive farm in Peloponnese from famous olive variety “Koroneiki”. It has very low acidity and intense fruitiness combined with a strong peppery after taste.

E-LA-WON Green Fresh

Inspired by our history: a copy of the “inscription” of Linear B’ and the representation of the “Lion Gate”. Green Fresh early harvested olive oil contains high percentages of antioxidants and polyphenols. ELAWON Green Fresh olive oil is produced by early harvested Koroneiki variety olives, while the olives are still green and unripe. It is characterized by its fresh green flavor and strong peppery aftertaste.

E-LA-WON Traditional

Extra Virgin Olive oil protected from sunlight in order to retain its freshness in an innovative design with tinplate packaging. Extra virgin olive oil in tinplate can is made from the famous olive variety ‘’Koroneiki’’ and characterized by a light bitterness combined with a strong peppery aftertaste. Daily Extra virgin olive oil in tinplate can is a perfect choice for everyday use thanks to its balanced bitterness and light peppery aftertaste combined with fruity flavor.

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