Awarded EVOOs

Potou Melan Premium

Potou Melan Premium is a balanced monovarietal, early harvest Koroneiki Variety evoo from fresh olives, PDO Kalamata certified.

Evelaion- Our name has come out of antiquity. Our vision, our passion, our dream, was to produce a healthy ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil, with high content in phenols, that’s why we are from the first companies in Cyprus to modify organic olive oil. From 100% Koronaiki Organic Olives (Crown Variety) with cold pressed unfiltered. Stands outs for the aromas of grass, moderate fruity intensity and bitter spicy aftertaste that testifies to the unripe and fresh raw material with low acidity value. Is there a more "gourmet" and gastronomic delight than pleasing our palate with a provocatively delicious and excellent fruity green olive oil? "Evelaion" is a piece of function in the gastronomy language for those of you who want something more. TASTE THE DIFFERENCE

FYLLIKON FIRST HARVEST EVOO A very unripe, cold extracted, organic, extra virgin premium olive oil of limited edition, 100% Koroneiki variety (monovarietal), not just the first olive oil of the harvest season. Selected by hand and made from very small unripe olives, usually in early October, cold extracted at 16°-18° C in a matter of hours after its harvest and requires a large quantity of olives for the production of this specialized type of authentic first harvest oil.

Here at The Greek Olive Estate we cultivate, prepare and package healthy olive oil with one goal: to preserve its natural flavor, quality and health benefits.

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At Graceland, we are a group of individuals who truly believe in the value of Greek agricultural products, especially olive oil and olive products, mainly due to our personal experience in the cultivation of olives since childhood.

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Therianos Family

Therianos family is consisted of 4 members, Sia, Roula, Dimitris and Tassos who were born and grew up in the wonderful island of Zakynthos in Greece.

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The Governor

Three generations of Dafnis family members tend the aged ‘Lianolia’ variety olive trees in the family grove. Knowledge passed lovingly from one generation to the other builds deep olive expertise, which takes a lifetime of learning. This represents the Dafnis family guarantee for consistently high quality olive oil.

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Ellis Farm

We are Elli & Myron from Agia Varvara, Heraklion – Crete. Our family’s gifted us an authentic Virgin Olive Oil comes from the climatological and ground earth features, which considered being the finest quality of the Crete. Our area is the center of island and has a long tradition in the production of the agricultural products. Our authentic extra olive oil is deep green in color that is raw and once only available.

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Volvi Estate

The Estate lies within a natural reserve, one of Greece’s national parks of remarkable beauty ( and a habitat to many rare species. In this land, wild olive trees have been growing for many hundreds of years, unaffected by humans, keeping all their valuable natural ingredients to the full. They have relied solely on the protective microclimate of the lake and the seasonal cycle of sun and rain.

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It all began in a rocky mountainous area, green with centuries old trees. Throughout our journey we never forgot the advice of our grandfathers “ to respect the trees, look after them and they will richly reward you with their fruits”. The best quality,organic,high phenolic, olive oil with all the health benefits of olive oil is our best reward.

Yanni’s Olive Grove is a family business located in Nea Potidaia, Chalkidiki, in northern Greece and has a family structure. In the last three years, Yanni’s EVOOs received more than 35 quality awards at major international olive oil competitions, as well as being acclaimed as ultra-healthy EVOOs producer, achieving spots on the lists of the Top EVOOs of the World and the Top 100 Societies of the World for 2016.

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Laconian Legacy

Laconia, Greece. Home land of the Spartans. Where everything was simple and concise. It remains so, even today. From our Laconic phrases to our fresh olive juice. Common people fighting every day in in the groves. Building a future for their loved ones. People in touch with their legacy. Who know exactly who they are and where they are heading. Rough, like the Spartan soil. Raw models for my children. A motto says that in order to plan your future you need to study your past.