Evelaion- Our name has come out of antiquity. Our vision, our passion, our dream, was to produce a healthy ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil, with high content in phenols, that’s why we are from the first companies in Cyprus to modify organic olive oil. From 100% Koronaiki Organic Olives (Crown Variety) with cold pressed unfiltered. Stands outs for the aromas of grass, moderate fruity intensity and bitter spicy aftertaste that testifies to the unripe and fresh raw material with low acidity value. Is there a more "gourmet" and gastronomic delight than pleasing our palate with a provocatively delicious and excellent fruity green olive oil? "Evelaion" is a piece of function in the gastronomy language for those of you who want something more. TASTE THE DIFFERENCE

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Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil APIA derives from 100% Koroneiki variety of olives, cold extracted within a few hours from harvest. The importance of each step, from cultivation and harvest to crushing, bottling and preservation, aims to maintain the pharmaceutical and nutritional properties of the product. This requires special handling during all stages of production; from the tree till the filled container. The result is a high quality evoo with excellent balance of fruity, bitter and pungent character, with very low acidity values, which maintains its quality characteristics for a long time.

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OLEOSOPHIA is a love story between 2 people from different worlds. Two families became one, communicating the variety of Manaki through our monovarietal first harvest extra virgin olive and our manaki blend. Manaki is the local characteristic of our land, with a soft profile and rich aromas. We are proud of it and we hope to share it with you, to develop healthy habits and enrich our flavours!

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A poem written on the unique Laconian terroir, where some of the most exquisite olive varieties have evolved over thousands of years. A poem written with the pen of research and technology, respecting yet adapting traditional agriculture, and elevating its product to a superior level of quality. A poem which cannot be read, but can be perceived by the senses, through its golden-green color; its rich fruity and bitter taste; and its distinctive bouquet of aromas.

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High-phenolic extra virgin olive oil produced by the Miličić family comes from ecologically grown olives.

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Το ελαιόλαδό μας είναι 100ml

BELIÁ PREMIUM OLIVE OIL is a multi-awarded Extra Virgin Olive Oil that stands out for its’ very low acidity percentage, a medium intensity fruitiness, a perfectly balanced presence of the bitter and pungent elements and of course its’ high phenols’ concentration. Our Olive Oil is produced from the Stratikopoulos family’s mountainous olive grove in Messenia, implementing sustainable and ecological friendly practices.

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Olive oil KORONIDA has a deep, bright green color and a fruity, bittersweet taste. It leaves a spicy sensation in the throat and a hint of various fruits, rich in health protecting polyphenols, elaiokanthali and elaiasini (Note that Elaiokanthali and Elaiasini agents have significant biological activity. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective properties are ascribed to them) and thus: It is a product of high nutritional value, which is classified in the premium category.

Θερμασία Γῆ. Ἕνας παρὰ θιν’ ἁλὸς*  τόπος  τῆς Ἑρμιονίδος Χώρας  μὲ ἀτελείωτους ἐλαιῶνες. Οἱ ἤπιοι   χειμῶνες μὲ τὶς λίγες βροχοπτώσεις τὴν έντονη ἡλιοφὰνεια καὶ τοὺς ἀέρηδες, δημιουργοῦν τὸ ἰδανικὸ μικροκλίμα γιὰ νὰ παραχθεῖ  το πλούσιο σὲ πολυφαινὸλες καὶ πρωτόγνωρα θαλασσινὰ ἀρώματα προϊόν ποὺ ἔχετε ἀνὰ χείρας. Τὸ  φημισμένο ἐξαιρετικὸ παρθένο ἐλαιόλαδο Κρανιδίου.

In the masterful 17th-century Cretan romance “Erotokritos”, skoutari is the shield that protects the besotted youth when he fights for his beloved Aretousa. Our olive oil is the shield that protects your health. From olives of the Koroneiki variety, exclusively from our family’s olive groves on the fertile island of Crete, we produce “Skoutari”. An exceptional, organic, extra virgin olive oil, produced in small batches.  

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We are a small family business which started from zero with production of exceptional high phenolic organic green olive oil with endless passion for organic farming. The result of our effort is a fresh 100% natural olive juice with spicy taste, rich in aromas and antioxidants. According to the Regulation 432/2012 of the EU our products are certified with HEALTH CLAIM label.

FYLLIKON FIRST HARVEST EVOO A very unripe, cold extracted, organic, extra virgin premium olive oil of limited edition, 100% Koroneiki variety (monovarietal), not just the first olive oil of the harvest season. Selected by hand and made from very small unripe olives, usually in early October, cold extracted at 16°-18° C in a matter of hours after its harvest and requires a large quantity of olives for the production of this specialized type of authentic first harvest oil.