Evelaion is a healthy ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil.

Evelaion- Our name has come out of antiquity.
Our vision, our passion, our dream, was to produce a healthy ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil, with high content in phenols, that’s why we are from the first companies in Cyprus to modify organic olive oil. From 100% Koronaiki Organic Olives (Crown Variety) with cold pressed unfiltered. Stands outs for the aromas of grass, moderate fruity intensity and bitter spicy aftertaste that testifies to the unripe and fresh raw material with low acidity value.
Is there a more “gourmet” and gastronomic delight than pleasing our palate with a provocatively delicious and excellent fruity green olive oil? “Evelaion” is a piece of function in the gastronomy language for those of you who want something more. TASTE THE DIFFERENCE