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Member Registration at the “World Olive Center for Health / World Olive Center for Health”

The membership fee is 150 euros per year.

The World Olive Center for Health offers to all its members a free analysis of polyphenols for olive oil/olives, discounts on additional analyses (polyphenols, Acidity & K, Prediction, DNA, etc.), free of charge participation in seminars/conferences it organizes, the right to purchase stickers certifying the category of olive oil (Gold, Silver, Bronze), as well as free participation in the annual Olympia Health and Nutrition Awards.

In addition, the World Olive Center for Health ia planning to enhance the competitiveness of its members, by offering to all its members with a health-claimed olive oil (in accordance with EU Regulation 432/2012) a ‘New sales channel‘ on a global scale. This means that members will now be able to place their award-winning products on the World Health Center’s website for the ultimate purpose of selling at a price set by the members themselves.

This special page will include only olive oils from around the world that meet the requirements of the European Health Regulation. This website will be the most important way internationally for consumers worldwide to know that the olive oil they want to buy is certified and rewarded. The innovation is that we recognize the consumer’s right to verify the quality of the product, so the consumer will have the right to a free polyphenol analysis for the product he buys, sending a small sample (10 ml) only charged with Shipping Cost.


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The Pricing Policy of the “World Olive Center for Health / World Olive Center for Health”

The World Olive Center for Health provides the following services:

A/A Description Measurment Normal Price Price for our Members
1 Phenol content of olive oil for health claim Item 200,00 € 150,00 €
2 Acidity – Peroxides – K index Item 150,00 € 100,00 €
3 Pesticides residues Item 210,00 € 170,00 €
4 Phenol content for olive fruits Item 200,00 € 150,00 €
5 Phenol content for olive leaves Item 200,00 € 150,00 €
6 Prediction for olive fruits Item 250,00 € 200,00 €
7 DNA analysis Item 800,00 € 650,00 €
8 Taste evaluation Item 130,00 € 90,00 €
9 Nutriotional table for label Item 150,00 € 100,00 €

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