An extra virgin olive oil produced exclusively from olives of the Mourtoelia variety, from our family's olive groves in the fertile Laconian land. A unique product, rich in polyphenols and of high nutritional value.

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Polic Phenolic

Only the best nature can offer.

Awarded EVOOs


Organic, extra virgin olive oil extracted from varieties Koroneiki and Halkidikis Six times awarded from Olympia Health & Nutrition Awards – The Bronze standard of excellence for high Phenolic extra virgin olive oil TSAOUSELIS ATHANASIOS – DINOS EVOO Agios Athanasios Topeiros, Xanthis Telephone: 6973611477 e-mail: Adress : Praxitelous 99 Postal Code: 67100 Xanthi,Greece

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Enipeas EVOO

Organic high phenolic EVOO. Early harvest cold extraction. A luxury gift from the land of Ancient Olympia. A special blend of koroneiki and olympia variety.

The extra virgin olive oil Plativolia Organic (Early October harvest) Vasilaki Olive Grove is created entirely from the Koronei olive variety found in the northeastern part of Crete, specifically in the area of Sitia at an altitude of 112m. Its harvest starts from the beginning to the middle of October (depending on the season) and is completed by the end of the month. It is harvested by modern mechanical means that are used by hand to have control so as to avoid injury to both the tree and the fruit itself, while at the end of each day, the olives in special ventilated pallet boxes are transported by vehicle to the factory, actions that contribute to the positive final result of the quality of the olive oil (that we will get). Contracted with the organization for the control and certification of organic products under the name BIOHELLAS and with Organic Farming contract number: 30106211/01 Aromas profile: Freshly cut grass, Unripe fruits, Stiffness, Artichoke, Tomato, Herbs, Pepper, Walnut, Almond ** It is preferred to be consumed mainly raw, plain, in salads, with vegetables, and fish.

MESIMERI Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil – pure and authentic, just like the land of Messinia. It contains high content of polyphenols, high nutritional value, with very low acidity 0.3% and rare character. Fruity, bitter, spicy. With scents of tomato leaves, freshly cutgrass, olive leaves, herbs and nuts. We harvest beginning of November each year, to ensure optimum quality, high phenols, low acidity and excellent organoleptics (taste & scents). MESIMERI follows a fully traceable farm-to-table approach, from cultivation, to oiling, storage and bottling, with a limited production of maximum 3 tons per harvest.

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The Rector

Premium, organic, extra virgin, rich in polyphenols (health claim), monovarietal (Amfissis)

Awarded EVOOs

KORONA Organic Farming

'KORONA Organic Farming' is an extra virgin olive oil of very low acidity with a high content of phenols. It is produced from semi-mountainous olive groves and the fruit is ground within a few hours of its harvest! Ideal for salads and cold dishes

An extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives and exclusively by mechanical means and cold pressed, from the cultivars Manaki and Throumpa of Evia in Greece. This is a limited edition, awarded, first harvest extra virgin olive oil with the lowest acidity (0,1%), high content of polyphenols and high nutritional value. It has a high content of Oleocanthal and Eleasin, two substances with significant biological activity which have been attributed anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective properties. With an award for Health claim for the harvest 2021/22 from Olympia Health & Nutrition Awards. The non-ripened olive fruits are carefully harvested and strict selected. The Sensory analysis reports the medium tensity of fruitness, bitterness and spiciness, all of them shaping the balanced elegance and delicacy of the EVOO, revealing the perfect delight in salads, spices and dressings. The dominant aromas of green vegetables, fruits and herbs offer a unique tasting expierience whereas the wide range of different flavors satisfy the most demanding customer. Available in 500mL design glass bottle. Each bottle is unique individually numbered.

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL,  extremely rich in polyphenols The absolute ideal conditions for olive trees growing in Kalamata, Greece, the long local tradition in ecological farming, the protection of the olive fruit from oxydation and contamination, the collection of the olive fruit at the right time and the immediate cold extraction ...all of this, together with the wisdom of nature, results in the distinctive product you hold in your hands: an olive oil with extra high phenol content.

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Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil APIA derives from 100% Koroneiki variety of olives, cold extracted within a few hours from harvest. The importance of each step, from cultivation and harvest to crushing, bottling and preservation, aims to maintain the pharmaceutical and nutritional properties of the product. This requires special handling during all stages of production; from the tree till the filled container. The result is a high quality evoo with excellent balance of fruity, bitter and pungent character, with very low acidity values, which maintains its quality characteristics for a long time.

We produce our Koroneiki organic olive oil with passion and care for the environment. We try to enhance this typical and ancient variety of olives to bring a piece of Greece to every table.

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Το ελαιόλαδό μας είναι 100ml

Constantin POTOU- Group of Companies company produces excellent quality extra virgin olive oil, monovarietal, Koroneiki variety, PDO & BIO certified and olive products from Kalamata, Messenia in the Southern Peloponnese. The products range includes award-winning, delicious, and unique high-phenolic olive products, based on the Mediterranean diet. Potou Athletes Superb is a delicious monovarietal, Koroneiki Variety evoo from fresh olives, from our mountain olive groves in Messinian Villages

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Ave costa

Extra virgin olive oil: Analysis by the Pharmaceutical Department of the University of Athens. Prot 21/12/2020 / C00616   Website / URL Phone Number:6976816995 ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΙΔΟΥ 12Β ΜΑΡΟΥΣΙ, ΑΤΤΙΚΗΣ 15125 GR

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Ave Costa olive oil is the product of single variety “Koroneiki” olive trees that we have carefully cultivated over the course of decades. It’s a polyphenol-rich extra virgin olive oil made from the highest quality unripe olives in accordance with the strictest standards of organic farming.

BELIÁ PREMIUM OLIVE OIL is a multi-awarded Extra Virgin Olive Oil that stands out for its’ very low acidity percentage, a medium intensity fruitiness, a perfectly balanced presence of the bitter and pungent elements and of course its’ high phenols’ concentration. Our Olive Oil is produced from the Stratikopoulos family’s mountainous olive grove in Messenia, implementing sustainable and ecological friendly practices.

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We are a small family business which started from zero with production of exceptional high phenolic organic green olive oil with endless passion for organic farming. The result of our effort is a fresh 100% natural olive juice with spicy taste, rich in aromas and antioxidants. According to the Regulation 432/2012 of the EU our products are certified with HEALTH CLAIM label.

Biolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil organic certified PDO KOLYMBARI produced with modernized production method using millstones and hydraulic press.

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Extra virgin olive oil of the Κoroneiki variety and rich in polyphenols. Greek olive oil with the characterizations of Health Claim (>250 mg/kg).

EFKRATO - Organic Limited Production Early Harvest EVOO A unique combination of health benefits & gastronomic pleasure! Enjoy aromas of artichokes, green fruits, green pepper, etc in harmony with the characteristic bitterness and pungency of the early harvest olive oil. EFKRATO is an award-winning gourmet product that is produced exclusively from the ancient Cretan variety Tsounati. The olives are selected by hand, one by one. Our cultivation methods are much stricter than those of organic farming. Never before has a "medicine" been so delicious!

ELETTRA High Phenolic EVOO Since the late 18th century we have been growing the sacred tree of the goddess Athena. Τhis historical experience has been transformed into an art form. Elettra high phenolic extra virgin olive oil is a product of a traditional early harvesting, storing and bottling process. Discover the elixir that only Nature can miraculously create!

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100% μονοποικιλιακό ελαιόλαδο- είδος αθηνολιά. Οι ελαιώνες βρίσκονται σε βραχώδη περιοχής της νοτιοανατολικής Λακωνίας, σε  άγονες και ξηρές περιοχές. Το αποτέλεσμα της παραγωγής αυτής είναι το ελαιόλαδο να είναι πυκνό, παχύρευστο πλούσιο σε πολυφαινόλες.   Owner: Chrysoula Maravelia Address :Soldiner Strasse 80, 13359 Berlin Phone:+49 30 23935519 Email: Website: Olympia Awards 2021, London iioc 2021, Berlin Gooa global olive oil awards 2021