EFKRATO - Organic Limited Production Early Harvest EVOO A unique combination of health benefits & gastronomic pleasure! Enjoy aromas of artichokes, green fruits, green pepper, etc in harmony with the characteristic bitterness and pungency of the early harvest olive oil. EFKRATO is an award-winning gourmet product that is produced exclusively from the ancient Cretan variety Tsounati. The olives are selected by hand, one by one. Our cultivation methods are much stricter than those of organic farming. Never before has a "medicine" been so delicious!

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100% organic, extra virgin olive oil, from early harvested organic olives of the Koroneiki and Ntopia (Local) varieties, cultivated and harvested exclusively in our centuries-old olive grove, in Zakynthos, Greece. Unfiltered, in order to preserve the totality of its health benefits, our EVOO is a unique “terroir” product,  characteristic of our land’s soil, climate and topography, as well as our non-invasive, certified organic, cultivation methods.  A superior quality product that stands out both for its rich aromas as well as its health benefits.

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Τα προϊόντα αυθεντικής ελληνικής διατροφής και κορυφαίας ποιότητας “OlivEra” παράγονται από την εταιρία “PUREOLEA” στην περιοχή του μυθικού όρους Ελικών, τόπου αρχαίου, γεμάτου θρύλους και σοφία. Εμπνευσμένα από παραδόσεις αιώνων, φτιάχνονται από τους ανθρώπους μας στις εγκαταστάσεις μας αποκλειστικά από ντόπιες και πρώτες ύλες, με σύγχρονη τεχνογνωσία και πιστοποιημένα χαρακτηριστικά. Απευθύνονται στους απαιτητικούς καταναλωτές σε όλο τον κόσμο, που αναζητούν απλές, αληθινές λύσεις υψηλής διατροφικής αξίας, με κριτήρια την υγεία, την ευζωία και την τίμια απόλαυση μοναδικών φυσικών τροφών. Αφήστε τα να αναδείξουν κάθε αγαπημένη σας γεύση. Οι διαδικασίες διαρκούς ελέγχου από την καλλιέργεια και την παραγωγή μέχρι την προμήθεια κορυφαίων συστατικών, διασφαλίζουν ότι κάθε καταναλωτής που μας εμπιστεύεται, κάνει μια καθημερινή κίνηση αγάπης και φροντίδας γι’ αυτόν και την οικογένειά του.

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Potou Melan Premium

Potou Melan Premium is a balanced monovarietal, early harvest Koroneiki Variety evoo from fresh olives, PDO Kalamata certified.

High phenolic olive oil 100% Koroneiki variety From famous Sitia aeria Taste profile:Roasted nuts,olive tree flower,dried grass

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Theon Nectar

Our family company Theon Nectar is located in Xrisafa-Sparta. Our goal is a production oriented in biological products with respect to the consumer and the environment focusing on products that contain polyphenols and natural antioxidant agents that protect against chronic diseases and are required for balance nutrition. We produce biological extra virgin olive oil from original varieties of the region. Our extravirgin olive oil is unfiltered and bottled keeping all the beneficial ingredients. The result is a high quality biological certified with “HEALTH CLAIM” olive oils rewarded for its high content of polyphenols.

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL,  extremely rich in polyphenols The absolute ideal conditions for olive trees growing in Kalamata, Greece, the long local tradition in ecological farming, the protection of the olive fruit from oxydation and contamination, the collection of the olive fruit at the right time and the immediate cold extraction ...all of this, together with the wisdom of nature, results in the distinctive product you hold in your hands: an olive oil with extra high phenol content.

Constantin POTOU- Group of Companies company produces excellent quality extra virgin olive oil, monovarietal, Koroneiki variety, PDO & BIO certified and olive products from Kalamata, Messenia in the Southern Peloponnese. The products range includes award-winning, delicious, and unique high-phenolic olive products, based on the Mediterranean diet. Potou Athletes Superb is a delicious monovarietal, Koroneiki Variety evoo from fresh olives, from our mountain olive groves in Messinian Villages

We believe in pure and healthy products made with respect and honesty for our clients and our environment, PURE OLEA guarantees an exceptional standard and wishes for the coveted olive to grace your life with purity, nutritional value, and delight! Our contemporary extra virgin olive oil press/standardizer/bottling plan operates using latest two-phase technology, with machinery of excellence, that cold-presses and kneads the olive fruit in low temperatures.

Evelaion- Our name has come out of antiquity. Our vision, our passion, our dream, was to produce a healthy ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil, with high content in phenols, that’s why we are from the first companies in Cyprus to modify organic olive oil. From 100% Koronaiki Organic Olives (Crown Variety) with cold pressed unfiltered. Stands outs for the aromas of grass, moderate fruity intensity and bitter spicy aftertaste that testifies to the unripe and fresh raw material with low acidity value. Is there a more "gourmet" and gastronomic delight than pleasing our palate with a provocatively delicious and excellent fruity green olive oil? "Evelaion" is a piece of function in the gastronomy language for those of you who want something more. TASTE THE DIFFERENCE

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Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil APIA derives from 100% Koroneiki variety of olives, cold extracted within a few hours from harvest. The importance of each step, from cultivation and harvest to crushing, bottling and preservation, aims to maintain the pharmaceutical and nutritional properties of the product. This requires special handling during all stages of production; from the tree till the filled container. The result is a high quality evoo with excellent balance of fruity, bitter and pungent character, with very low acidity values, which maintains its quality characteristics for a long time.

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OLEOSOPHIA is a love story between 2 people from different worlds. Two families became one, communicating the variety of Manaki through our monovarietal first harvest extra virgin olive and our manaki blend. Manaki is the local characteristic of our land, with a soft profile and rich aromas. We are proud of it and we hope to share it with you, to develop healthy habits and enrich our flavours!