Our Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil of 2020-2021 harvest is characterized by really low acidity, antioxidant properties thanks to a high content of polyphenols and vitamin E, its vividly green color, its moderately spicy and bitter character, and the freshly harvested aromas of the olive fruit. RACHI OF MANI Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil is bottled in a high-quality glass bottle. The glass bottle is packaged in a cardboard box that protects it from sunlight and keeps all the valuable features intact. Produced according to the national and international standards of organic farming and handling. Available in 500 ml Rachi of Mani Organic Olive Oil was awarded the SILVER award for the years 2015-2016, the GOLD award for 2016-2017, the BRONZE award for 2019-2020 and with the SILVER award for the years 2020-2021.

The finest blend of the two most Ancient Greek Olive cultivars, Koroneiki and Athinolia variety. The finest cold-pressed extraction of non-ripened olives-prized for their enhanced qualities of flavor, freshness, low acidity, and health benefits. A considerate gift pack that will be cherished up to its last drop. Produced according to the national and international standards of organic farming and handling. Available in 500 ml Red dot design awards 2020 (International award-Brands& communication design) Award in the International Olive Oil competition of “KOTINOS” during Food Expo 2019

Early Harvest Organic EVOO High Phenolic Harvest :Okt-Nov2020 Region: Pitsidia -Iraklion Crete Variety: Koroneiki

Awards : OLYMPIA HEALTH AND NUTRITION AWARDS 2021 GOLD standard of excellence award

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Ph.elaion is a high phenolic extra virgin olive oil, from olives of koroneiki variety that grow in Heraklion, Crete. Its taste quite bitter due to the high phenolic index retains some fruit notes. For its production, A&M Choumerianos company has given emphasis to the processing of olives which is crucial for the quality, and is performed at a self-owned cold extraction olive mill right after the collection of the olive fruits. Thereafter, storage of olive oil is under special conditions.


Gold at the Olympia Health and Nutrition Awards

The combination of climate and soil composition of Krokees, Lakonia, in combination with the unique ancient varieties of olives, ensures the production of superior quality of olive oil with its golden-green color, its fruity aroma and its spicy taste,rich in polyphenols and natural antioxidants.

The Organic Seven Olea EVOO is produced under strict procedures ensuring its perfect taste, its exceptional aroma and its wonderful colour. The farmer and owner of the family business, Manos Kokkinelis, has the leader role in every process of the production. We form the necessary conditions so that nature has the main role. We satisfy even the most demanding needs of our customers who desire a unique olive oil with great characteristics. Silver Award 2019 The Olympia, Top 50 Greek Olive Oils 2020

Armonia organic cold extracted olive oil, is a monovarietal extra virgin olive oil, which comes from the combination of unripe and semi-ripe olives, of handmade collection and cold extraction within a few hours. As a main olive oil of the Sakellaropoulos organic farms terroir, it has high quality taste characteristics, medium intensity fruity aromas, extremely balanced indicators of bitterness and spiciness, which, combined with the high content of polyphenols, belongs to our bio-functional olive oils. Armonia is an organic olive juice, a cold extracted superior monovarietal single estate (self-produced) organic olive oil, with many distinctions and awards in international competitions worldwide.  

Agourelaio organic unripe olive oil is definitely a great gift of Nature, known for its nutritional properties since ancient times. The ancient Greeks called it Omfakion, while today, Europeans consider Agourelaio a first quality premium extra virgin unripe olive oil. Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms were the first in Greece to officially package Agourelaio organic unripe olive oil single estate, monovarietal, early harvest, very low acidity and cold extracted. Award-winning worldwide, intensely fruity with characteristic bitterness and spiciness, with a high content of polyphenols, it is classified as a bio-functional olive oil with a health claim.

Fyllikon First Harvest is a cold extracted organic extra virgin olive, made from olives in a very unripe stage, with intense and very tasty characteristics of high quality. It has intense fruity aromas of freshly picked green unripe olives with ideal indicators of bitterness and spiciness, combined with a high content of polyphenols that classify it as an organic olive oil with health claim. Fyllikon is a premium monovarietal single estate organic olive oil, of limited quantity, by the Sakellaropoulos organic farms terroir, from Koroneiki variety olives. Its production methodology starts exclusively from our organic olive groves, which is why it is characterized by the international term single estate organic olive oil. There is absolute management of the very small and completely unripe olives during the handmade collection, with parallel quality sorting before they reach the olive mill, which is done in a few hours from the harvest of the olives.

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Extra virgin olive oil: Analysis by the Pharmaceutical Department of the University of Athens. Prot 21/12/2020 / C00616   Website / URL http://www.avecosta.com Phone Number:6976816995 ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΙΔΟΥ 12Β ΜΑΡΟΥΣΙ, ΑΤΤΙΚΗΣ 15125 GR

Biolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil organic certified PDO KOLYMBARI produced with modernized production method using millstones and hydraulic press.

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In our attempt to "reach" the excellent quality and high nutritional value through an experience of 90 years or more, we introduce you the extra virgin olive oil OREON Aitolian Land of high polyphenols and health claim.From the ancient wild olive tree, grafted to Koroneiki variety , which provides us an extra virgin olive oils rich in texture and with a fruity taste.